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Tackling Overcrowding: Classroom Construction in Las Arrugas


Partnering Organization:

  • SEED Alliance Proudly working together since 2012 on 18 community development projects in Guatemala.


Cost: $2, 213.94 (Flight Included from Toronto) & Travel Insurance
Departure City: Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, St. John's and Ottawa
Departure Date:
August 14, 2019
Return Date:
August 28, 2019


  Currently there are over 60 first grade students who are attending school all together in one classroom.  The classroom sits at double capacity. The school in Las Arrugas has a total of 380 students registered in various grades, but because of a lack of space, students from different grades are forced to share classrooms. This has created a difficult learning environment for themselves, and for their teachers. This project will see the completion of a new classroom for 1st grade students. The community has also proposed the replacement of the tin roof with a cement one, so that a second level of the school can be created. The community created this video to demonstrate the need for the project in Las Arrugas. SOS has worked with Las Arrugas since 2015, completing a water distribution project and a school kitchen over the course of 3 Outreach Trips.




  • Volunteers will stay in a community centre which is only a 5 minute walk from the work site (school). They will have electricity and latrines.
  • Meals will consist of rice, beans, tortillas, fruit/vegetables, and some meat.
  • SOS groups generally work for about 6 hours a day, for 8 days of the 14 day trip.
  • Tasks will include but are not limited to: digging trenches, cutting and tying rebar, laying bricks, moving supplies, and mixing cement.
  • Every group is overseen by a foreman during construction days and any work requiring technical training will be financed by SOS
  • You’ll have the late afternoon/evenings and two Rest Days throughout the trip to relax, explore the local area and participate in the local community.
  • During Rest Days, SOS volunteers will visit the Hun Nal Ye National Park in Alta Verapaz. Volunteers will have the opportunity to learn about the protected areas and reserves of Guatemala, and witness the natural beauty it offers. This activity includes an overnight stay in the park before turning to Guatemala City for the journey home.  For more information, visit:


What's Included?

SOS volunteers sleep in available community structures (classrooms, community centers, churches), and live as close to the conditions of the community as possible.

SOS works directly with Flight Centre to process all volunteers' Outreach Trip logistics from your travel insurance to your in country needs like clean drinking water and accommodations!

Three meals a day plus clean drinking water and snacks! Meals will consist of rice, beans, tortillas, and fruit/vegetables. Soups, stews, and pasta dishes are common as well. Most dietary restrictions and allergies can accommodated.

SOS works exclusively with registered non governmental organizations in every community to ensure our volunteers have the best experience possible.

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